Like so many other grand ideas in history, the concept of The Smokin' Yak was hatched over a few cold beers one Sunday afternoon.  Having cooked for years with our home-made Texas barbecues, we were amazed that so many others hadn't experienced the deliciousness of low'n'slow barbecued meats.


As Beef producers and Brahman breeders who share a love of good food cooked well, The Smokin’ Yak team of Matthew & Fiona Noakes along with Gary, Sharon and Alison Polkinghorne take great pride in the food we offer. Our knowledge of our product and passion for quality local produce ensure an authentic, delicious and satisfying end-product.

The Texas Barbecue tradition dates back hundreds of years in the United States, and only in more recent years is gaining popularity downunder. The perfect combination of fire, meat and time results in succulent, moist, flavoursome meats.

Our beef product of short ribs and Brahman hump are sourced from only grassfed, antibiotic and hormone-free beef. 

We take great pride in the product and service we offer and look forward to ensuring the Beef Capital status of Rockhampton remains firmly in place.

Come talk to us about Texas Barbecues, cattle or the meats we cook … we’d love to meet you.